A Typical School Day

The day is organized as a series of opportunities for the children to participate in large and small groups, to play alone, to join teacher-directed activities, or to choose their own.

Arrival. Parents and children eagerly await the “Go” sign on the door, and then enter the classroom to open-ended beginnings. Welcomed in by the teacher, children choose from a variety of materials including play dough, the writing center, a sand table, puzzles, and books during this transition time from home to school.

Morning Meeting. Meeting is a gathering time for children and teachers. Often it starts with a hello song, sharing news and conversation, and/or a presentation that relates to the day’s activities. Music and books are always an important part of meeting. Near the end of the meeting, teachers help children make choices for their next activity.

Activity time/Play time. Teachers plan a balance of activities for children to choose from for this time. Children begin with their first choice from meeting, such as painting at the easel, building with blocks, engaging in dramatic play, or discovering at the science table, and then move freely on to the other available choices in the classroom.

Snack. Snack is set up as one choice as children feel they are ready to eat. It is not only a time to eat, but also a time to socialize, tell stories, and talk with teachers and classmates. Children are encouraged to practice self-help skills, like pouring milk and counting crackers, as part of their developing independence.

Clean up. Everyone pitches in to help keep our classroom neat and clean. We all work together to clean the tables and put the materials away.

Quiet book time. Children choose a book to look at alone, with a friend or with teachers. Often, teachers read a story to the whole group.

Outdoors. We play out on our playground on the climber, the swings, bikes or play ball in the imaginative grassy area. We also go on nature walks on the grounds surrounding our school.

Goodbyes. We sing a goodbye song and recap the day together. Parents come into the classroom to pick up their child and begin the transition to home.

“We have a national treasure with Franc Graham! Her weekly visits and sing-a-longs are cherished and highly anticipated by all the children.” – Laurie Coughlin, Director

“My children immediately felt comfortable at the Village School. The teachers were warm and caring and really made my children feel welcome.” – Alumni parent