About the Village School

Mission + Philosophy

Established in 1966, the Village School has been providing the families of Milton and the surrounding communities with a safe and nurturing learning environment for over fifty years. The school is governed by a board of trustees comprised of Village School parents.

At the Village School, we implement an emergent and developmental curriculum. Teachers continually build the curriculum in response to children’s interests, incorporating language arts, math, science, movement, and visual arts. Our classrooms are child-centered environments that are stimulating, challenging, and accessible to all children, and each one is staffed with two experienced teachers. Through making choices and participating in group and independent play, children gain confidence in their ability to ask questions and to challenge themselves. Village School teachers guide, facilitate, and foster children’s natural curiosity and encourage them to become life-long learners.

Parent involvement is a vital part of the Village School. We believe that our program is stronger when we work in partnership with parents, so we strive to foster multiple ways and opportunities to communicate and collaborate with parents. Through frequent informal interaction, parent-teacher conferences, and community events, teachers and parents share ideas and perspectives, which helps the school provide a high quality program for the children.

“I like meeting the best, it’s when we get to share our messages from home and sing our favorite songs.”
– Current Student