A spring note from the director

We would like to reiterate the thoughtful planning and process that occurs “behind the scenes” with the staff at The Village School to determine the very best classroom placement for your child. Let us begin by stating the obvious – all of our teachers are excited to be here and will provide a nurturing and loving school environment. Our teachers are passionate about early childhood education and want to share their excitement with each and every young person that enters our doors.

The following are some of the criteria that go into our planning process:

Age – There is a range of ages in each classroom. Clearly some children will be the oldest in the class which can potentially allow them to guide others in a leadership manner and others will be the youngest and can benefit from peer mentoring.

Gender – We try and balance classes so there is a sufficient boy/girl ratio.

Peer relationships – We try to make choices so that your child will have some pre-existing friends when they enter a new classroom but like to provide the opportunity for new friends to be made. One of the most important goals of The Village School is to provide your child with the social skills that they need to succeed throughout their future years of school and to succeed in life.

Developmentally Appropriate Learning Environments – The overriding philosophy of The Village School is a curriculum which adheres to Developmentally Appropriate Practice. This means we strive to engage your children as life-long learners in a thoughtful manner through playful environments that are appropriate for each child’s stage of development. In other words, our teachers make every effort to provide differentiated curriculum depending on the maturity of each child. Your child will be learning and playing and growing in an age-appropriate environment throughout all their years at The Village School.